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What is the Ancient Forest?

The Ancient Forest. Land of trees, leaves and complex ecosystems. The ancient tree overlooks it all, an organism so big monsters and hunters move with ease throughout its twigs. Tobi-Kadachi, Rathian and Rathalos are among the few occupying the ancient tree, a perfect place to locate the nests of flying monsters. Astera is the only other place you can find another of its kind, one that you can nurse and raise via the Botanical Research Centre. 

What can be found in the Ancient Forest?

Be wary of your surroundings upon your Ancient Forest journey. A plethora of life can be uncovered throughout this area; some can be harvested to help your adventures, others will prey on and disrupt you.

Hazards like Flashflies can create an intense explosion of light, whereas Poisoncups can create a pool of poisonous liquid. Threats can be harmful to the hunters and toxic to the monsters you're hunting. Use such dangers wisely and effectively as the fate of the monsters might just be the same as yours.

Hazards and other materials can be harvested for your needs and be used to craft or sell on. Moonlit Mushroom and Sunkissed Grass are exclusively found within the Ancient Forest and once harvested, can be used within the Canteen as ingredients. Other basic materials such as Herbs, Ancient Bone and Honey are also found throughout the area.

What Monsters can be found in the Ancient Forest? 

I guess this is where the exciting bit is. The Ancient Forest is home to an abundance of life. You'll encounter both small to giant monsters throughout your journey.

Apotonoth are small pack monsters that can be harvested for their meat and are harmless to hunters; however, you might have to get running to capture them. Other small monsters such as the Gajau will attack hunters and become immediately hostile to those within close range. So, try not to get too close. 

Large monsters are found throughout various other areas, such as Velkhana, Nargacuga and Ebony Odogaron.

Great Jagras inhabits the lower levels, the pack leader of the Jagras. Beware, Great Jagras will only become hostile when attacked or younglings are slain. After the Great Jagras has eaten, it will grow in size, but if attacked and struck in the right area it will vomit, resulting in a weakened state. Lower levels are also home to Anjanath and its counterpart Fulgur Anjanath. Anjanath is a vicious animal known to attack lesser monsters and others without the slightest provocation.

In the higher levels, through the treetops and up into the belly of the Ancient tree, monsters such as Rathalos and Tobi-Kadachi are found nesting amongst the branches. Both use the tree canopies to their advantage. Rathalos takes full advantage of the high ground to pounce on its prey, whereas Tobi-Kadachi uses the trees to fuel its static energy within its fur.

The ultimate beast of the Ancient Forest is the Elder Dragon known as Kushala Daora. A mighty monster that can assemble fierce winds, tornados and jets of air that hinder those who may provoke it. Flashpods are your friend when fighting with Kushala but be careful not to use them too often. With metallic skin as tough as a tank, the Steel Dragon will be a fierce one to crack when challenged.

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