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1/6 Scale Resin Statue


Final preparations are being made for the molds

A lot of focus on making sure seamline are as perfect as they can be. This is a challenging process that requires several iterations to get right.
You can see the vertical line that separates the back of her head to the front of her head. It's not possible to do this as a 1 piece, separation is inevitable.
On the right you have the first iteration and on the left you have the more recent version. Improvement on the seamline is very clear.

We take advantage of her natural hair separation to hide the seamline.

In the short video you can see the work that is being done on how her hand touches her head. Initially we had small ridges where we wanted the hand to stay, however, given that it's hard to predict how the material is going to behave once out of the mold we decided to remove the ridges and make it look more natural.

The final stage before going into mass production are the molds. Whatever is in these molds will also be reflected in every single product we make.
It's critical to take our time in getting everything perfect.

Not going to lie, this is probably the most fun part of the process, break things. It's weird to say, but we actually want to break the product as much as possible.
Figuring out the best way to protect and store the product in its packaging is key to ensure that we have no breakages when we ship it to you.
That pink substance you see helps our engineers understand how the product moves inside the styrofoam packaging and which sections of each individual piece needs more cushioning.

Lastly, we also have here the final proposal for the styforam before it goes into the factory for mass production.

Loving the JIC logo.