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Shipping only charged when dispatched

Shipping Information

Shipping costs are a really difficult one to estimate, especially when dealing with pre-orders. These costs are generally volatile and hard to predict, even more with current ongoing unrest in the world due to Covid-19.

With that in mind we did not find it fair to charge our customers, with a shipping amount that we do not know if we'll have to either issue a credit note (refund) or issue a new order to cover for the shipping (further payment). We have decided to only charge a deposit amount or $1 (otherwise it would show as free-shipping and we want to avoid any confusion).

At the point that we're ready to ship the products out we will be in touch with actual and accurate details of the shipping costs, options, and delivery estimations. We fill that this approach is fairer and we won't need to hold onto your money for such a long period of time.

We really feel that this is the best way to go, gives us the opportunity to be flexible when the product is ready to ship, Give you options like bundling products together, pay any shipping in installments, chose cheaper (less safe) or more expensive (safer) shipping options really goes into what we believe as a company, which is never leaving the customer with the feeling that he has no other option.

Estimated Shipping Cost

We currently work with 4 major warehouses around the world that are aimed at fulfilling different territories:

🇬🇧 UK Warehouse - Europe
Estimated cost - from $10*

🇺🇸 US Warehouse - USA and Canada
Estimated cost - from $15*

🇦🇺 AU Warehouse - Australia and New Zealand
Estimated cost - from $15*

🇭🇰 HK Warehouse - Asia and Rest of the World
Estimated cost - from $25*

*Note that prices can change and we aim to provide as many options as we can, rather than predicting the future we opted for finding the best solution, when the time comes. We do not take any shipment money (apart from a $1 deposit) at checkout. This money is much more useful in your hands :)