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- UPDATED MAY 2022 -

As we grow as a company and as a manufacturer the need to ensure that our customers are kept up to date to our current timelines is incredibly important.

In order to set expectations, we aim to update this page every couple of months. Given that our products have long lead times, there might not be enough to update on a monthly basis.

Since the start of 2022 we have seen quite a lot of changes when it comes to factors that directly affect development and manufacturing. Logistics, raw material costs, geopolitical issues, Covid and general inflation has created a new reality for development and delivery of our products. As a company our commitment is to do everything in our power to minimize these risks and impact.

We will not compromise on the quality of our products, that will always be our top priority, however we do understand our customers concerns. It's true that our development had to slowdown, mostly down to delays in approvals and difficulty in getting factory allocations due to Covid, something that to this day continues to be a reality and a struggle.

We thank you for your patience, trust and commitment to our brand and our products!

Below you can find the current status for each of our products:

Monster Hunter - Nargacuga: Currently being produced, waiting for the first production samples after getting the PVC Molds done. Once we get the production samples (including packaging and every single element) we just need the final OK from Capcom.

Monster Hunter - Hunter Nargacuga: Waiting for Nargacuga Molds before moving forward. Due to delays in approvals we decided to split production from Nargacuga in order to be able to deliver Nargacuga as quickly as possible without delaying the whole batch. Slightly more costly for us, but better for our customers. Our best expectation is to start production samples Q4'22.

Monster Hunter - Anjanath / Fulgur Anjanath: Same as Hunter Nargacuga.

Monster Hunter - Kushala Daora: Same as Hunter Nargacuga.

Junji Ito Collection - Tomie 1/6 Color / Manga: We had quite a lot of iterations since we announced the product. Some changes were needed for structural reason and others for improvements. More noticeable is the big improvement we did on her hair which can be seen in our most recent video update on YouTube. It was necessary to remake the decals for her eyes and other smaller details that is impossible to achieve by hand, because of this we had them shipped to our studio in Portugal. This has been completed and they have been sent back to the Factory. We expect at this point to start production within the next couple of months given that we are happy with the production samples. From here, production should take roughly 3 months.

For the more detailed update please check Animegami Studios Junji Ito Collection - Tomie 1/6 scale resin statue production update May 2022

Junji Ito Collection - Souichi 1/6 Color / Manga: In pre-production, however moving slowly as our focus is Tomie.

Junji Ito Collection - Miss Fuchi 1/6 Color / Manga: Will be up for pre-order soon! Everything has been approved and we're working on final adjustments to the Manga version and marketing assets.

Junji Ito Collection - Slug Girl 1/6 Color / Manga: 3D has been completed and will be sent for approval with Ito-san.

Terraria - Forest Biome: Slightly delayed, we had to re-engineer some parts of the product to make it easier to produce. This is a very complex product with a price tag that follows suit. We cannot compromise on anything.

Terraria - PVC Mini Biomes (Forest / Corruption / Crimson / Hallow): Currently doing Prototypes after having all 3D renders approved. Can expect pre-orders after the Summer. Most recent update in our YouTube.

For the more detailed update please check Animegami Studios Re-Logic - Terraria Forest Biome + Terraria Mini Biomes Production update May 2022

Kill 6 Billion Demons - Cio 1/10: Prototype has been finished and delivered to our painters. Painting is due to start the week of 6th of June and should take 6 weeks until we have the final color master. Most recent update in our YouTube.

For the more detailed update please check Animegami Studios Kill Six Billion Demons - Cio 1/10 scale resin statue update May 2022

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  • JIC - Miss Fuchi 1/6 - Pre-Orders
  • JIC - Slug Girl 1/6 - Pre-Orders
  • Terraria - Forest Biome - Production
  • Terraria - PVC Mini Biomes - Pre-Orders
  • KSBD - Cio 1/6 - Pre-Orders