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1/6 Resin Statues

Animegami Studios, under license directly with Tom Parkinson-Morgan, is producing 1/6 resin statues, from the popular Kill 6 Billion Demons universe.
© Tom Parkinson-Morgan

Tom Parkinson-Morgan
Kill Six Billion Demons, also referred to as Kill 6 Billion Demons, K6BD, and KSBD, is a fantasy/new weird webcomic, written and illustrated by Tom Parkinson-Morgan under the name "Abbadon"

The Story
A young woman named Allison Ruth who obtains an extremely powerful key when her boyfriend is kidnapped, discovers a world of supernatural beings ruled by seven evil kings, and must learn to survive in this strange new setting while attempting to rescue her boyfriend, defeat the rulers of the multiverse, and figure out her own destiny.

1/6 Resin Statues
We're producing limited edition, highly detailed, statues

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Cio 1/10 Scale Statue

Kill 6 Billion Demons - Cio 1/10 Resin Statue Premium Line Animegami Studios

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KSBD is available as a webcomic and can be read at

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The Characters


S.A.M. (Short for Special Associate Model) is one of the main characters of Cannon Busters. She is a high-end robot who was separated from her best friend and heir to the throne of Botica, Prince Kelby, with whom she seeks to re-unite with.

Philly the Kid

He is an immortal criminal constantly on the run from countless assassins, bounty hunters and loan sharks. He has also been regularly described to be a lecherous man who has a unique scent that could be attributed to the smell of brimstone aka sulfur, dirty used old baby diapers left in the sun, or hot garbage.

Casey Turnbuckle

Casey Turnbuckle is one of the main characters of Cannon Busters, an abandoned assistant and junk mechanic with an admiration for flying. She was formerly a top of the line maintenance robot but has become outdated with time, and is now searching for an upgrade.


Bessie is one of the main characters of Cannon Busters. She is a large car that requires quarters to be pushed into a coin slot (like an arcade machine) to operate her various functions - the most notable of these being her ability to transform into a giant robot.

Hear it from the Team!

"Soraia, our Art Director, brought KSBD and Tom's work to my attention during a meeting. At Animegami we really emphasize freedom of creative work, especially if those are projects that we are passionate about.

After a couple of talks with Tom it was clear that there was chemistry and a will to make things happen.

I'm incredibly excited to bring these amazing characters to life and into your hands!"

José Airosa @ Animegami
Founder & CEO

"I'm not even going to lie, I am so obsessed with this comic that if I didn't work on this project I would combust! Seriously though, KSBD has everything I love in a comic and I believe that it's about time that indie projects get the same amount of recognition as big franchises. Plus, nobody can't deny Tom's character designs wouldn't make badass statues!"

Soraia Pereira @ Animegami
Art Director

"I'm excited to partner with Animegami to finally bring all this insanity to life."

Tom Parkinson-Morgan

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