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Our very own Shinigami

Animegami Studios is proud to present Animegami Shinigami "Founders Edition".

The "Founders Edition" is a love-letter to our fans and customers. It's an ultra-exclusive production version of this piece, that will never be produced again.

This statue is inspired by Animegami's iconic logo and is the first production of our studio. The idea was to pack as much detail and expertise into this statue.


A Love Letter
To all our customers and fans

Premium Line
Our first statue from our premium line

Resin Statue
Standing at 32cm/12.6" tall

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Who is the Animegami Shinigami?

The heart and soul of our company

From the day we created our company we knew we need to have a soul... or in this case, a master of souls. Thus, Animegami Shinigami was born from the depths of hell!

What started as an initial internal funny idea, turned into the image of our company and, as our first statue, we knew we needed to create a statue represented by a realistic and high-quality resin piece.

Concept Art

From initial Concept Art

For a while now we wanted to create an imposing piece, inspired on our logo. The opportunity to work on this project, while not having to go through normal approval processes, was incredible for our creative freedom.

Passing by high-quality 3D

Seeing this piece being created, step by step, has been, to this date, one of the most rewarding since starting this company. Starting to see how it would look is a feeling hard to describe.

Ending with incredible paint finish*

After many months of work, feedback loops and adjustments we finally reached the end-product. We are incredible happy and proud of everyone involved with this project, both internal and external.

We really hope you enjoy this product as much as it was creating it.

Hear it from the Team!

"This product is the culmination of months of work... not just that, but knowing that I wanted to build a manufacturing company, this, to me, feels like one of the biggest achievements in my professional life!"

José Airosa @ Animegami
Founder & CEO

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