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September 2020 - Update

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September 2020 - Update

Hey everyone!

I hope that you're all feeling great!

We would like to give you an overall update on all the licenses that we're currently working on. 

Monster Hunter

With Tobi-Kadachi and Rathalos out in the wild, we're preparing ourselves for the upcoming launch of Nargacuga! The highly requested monster is almost here and we can't wait to fully reveal the piece to you. :)
We're waiting on the final approval from Capcom on the marketing material and we're good to go, so, stay tuned because pre-orders are right around the corner!

Our Hunter prototype is now finished and it was sent for approval. If all goes according to plan, we should be able to share more with you in the upcoming weeks. All we can say is that you'll be amazed by the amount of detail on this one... It's great!

Some of you probably missed it but we'll be producing some variants of our beloved monsters! While we can't reveal yet what's coming, we can confirm that two of them are already approved and we'll be announcing them during September. We're super excited about these!

Unannounced Monsters
We currently working hard on the design of monster #5 and #6 and it's going very well. Wait, did I say monster #6?! Oh, yes!
In the beginning, we were thinking of doing only five statues for the Ancient Forest (4 Monsters and 1 Hunter) but we thought something was missing. Saying this, Monster #6 is going to be very special! Keep an eye out!

Junji Ito

Now that Tomie is 100% approved, we're finally moving to the painting process! We're beyond excited for this one. If you're a massive fan like us, you'll not be disappointed! We have sick ideas for it. Can't wait to show you more soon!

Unannounced Character #2
We are very happy to announce that Character #2 is moving much faster! 2D concept art is waiting for approval and we're already working on the 3D model. We're pretty confident that we'll nail this one and you'll definitely gonna love it!

Cannon Busters

We're very happy yo announce that Sam is now fully approved and we're going to begin the painting process of the prototype very soon! We've been working very closely with LeSean Thomas, the creator of the series, and it has been a huge honor! Sam is looking amazing! Expect more updates soon.

Unannounced Character #2
We started the 2D concept of the next character in the line. It's in the early stages so, don't expect to hear too much so soon. All we can say is that we have awesome ideas for it. :)


Set 1
This is definitely the most challenging project in hands. I know that we're taking a lot of time with this one but in order to make you all happy, we need to make it right. This amazing community deserves the best and we want to give you something truly unique.
We're working directly with Re-Logic on this project so, expect something really cool!
We're finishing the 3D model and we're expecting that it will be done very soon!

As you can see we're busier than ever! And to finish today's update, we would like to announce that we're working on acquiring a new license for 2021. It's very very early but it's huge! Exciting stuff... Very exciting!

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