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Animegami Shinigami - Update #8

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Animegami Shinigami - Update #8

This is the first approach to read texturing. We had the first couple meetings on what material and how each of the segments should look like.


As expected we went with a proper bone approach... it's a skull after all. Same thing with the hands. Absolutely love the black nails, gives him such a dark look. There's an issue with his teeth... I think he decided to go and get teeth whitened... shiny! (yeah, we're changing that!)

Primordial Soup

We decided to go with a glassy look, semi-transparent. These are souls after all and they should have some transparency to them. Not yet fully happy with how it looks, but it's an iterative process.


The handle will be dark wood, kinda trying to go towards an old wood approach.
The actual blade is made of a material similar to the primordial soup... which we did not like particularly. We're going to try and revert it back to being pure bone, similar to his face.


We're looking at a matte look and feel, slightly rugged. We're quite happy with how it turned out.

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