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Animegami Shinigami - Update #5

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Animegami Shinigami - Update #5

Detail is kicking in! Core structure and pose have been agreed on and are now set in stone. Our focus is on packing as much detail as we can.


Face had a bit more detail added. We made some minor changes to teeth and eye sockets.


We've added quite a lot of detail, especially around the rib cage and clothes texture.


All letter brought closer together to make it easier to see the whole piece in one.


Loads of detail added, like bones and cartilage. You can clearly see how his wing would operate.


Reworked most of the smoke by adding a different texture and a more matte look.


Started slowly texturising parts of the piece. This is important to start allowing us to see how it could look as a finished product, rather than just at the end.

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