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Animegami Shinigami - Update #10

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Animegami Shinigami - Update #10

This is it, we finally got there... this is the final model and texture for the first physical prototype that we're going to be making in the factory. We could not be more excited!


We finally added and tweaked how the light looks and its intensity. This was a tough process to get right as small changes have a drastic impact on the whole statue. Too much light and it'll look too purple, not enough and it's barely noticeable.


We tweaked the ribcage to be more noticeable and to work better with the light.


Finally, we got it right! After much discussion, we agreed that the way it looks now is great. We love the porus look, kinda feels worn out and really old (he is old!)


Bad news to the teeth, they are back to being less white... as it should be hehe. We're in love with the bone texture, Sergio nailed it!


There's a fair good amount of light reflection on the smoke. We're not sure this is the best approach, but this is something we'll be able to tweak and play around during prototyping phase. The reason we decided to do it then is due to the pick of material. We want to go with a transparent PVC or Resin and that's going to affect how the paint stick and looks.

Next steps?

So now that it's all done we'll be sending the 3D files to the factory and getting the first physical version in our hands... we're soooo excited! The plan is to showcase him during Comic-Con in London (end of May 2019)

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