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Animegami Shinigami - Update #4

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Animegami Shinigami - Update #4

We're getting closer and closer to the first final version.

For this update, we have focused mostly on adding loads more detail.


We have detailed the face even more. We reduced the side horns slightly to better work with his hoodie. There's still a bit more to do here, but we're fairly happy with the outcome.


As you probably guessed by now, we decided to go with the hoodie version after careful consideration and invaluable feedback from our collectors' group on facebook, thank you for this everyone :)


The base was changed to make it smaller and with a diagonal shape. It's a clever solution to make it smaller (cheaper) while still keep loads of structural support. The Animegami letters were added here, however, we'll e reviewing their angle.


The wing was reduced and we re-worked its structural strategy. We added more connective tissue on the back and sneakily connected the tip of his cape with the tip of his wing. We plan to add one final point of support to the wing. We really want to ensure that we do not have breakages on the wing section. It's currently the most fragile part.

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