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Production Diary

Cannon Busters - Update

Cannon Busters - Update
Hey, everyone!

We would like to give you all an update on our upcoming 1/6 statue of Sam. 
We just finished all of the 3D fixes required and we just sent it again to the master, LeSean Thomas, for approval. 
If all goes well, we can finally move to the 3D printing and paint this beautiful piece. We believe that all Cannon Busters fans will be incredibly happy with what we've achieved. We certainly are! 
Expect a tease in the upcoming weeks. We can't wait to fully reveal Sam to all of you!

Much love!

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Junji Itō - Update

Junji Itō - Update
Hey everyone! 

As many of you know, we've been working hard on our upcoming 1/6 scale statue of Tomie and we want to give you all an update on where we stand at the moment.

The 3D model was approved by Junji Ito himself and we've printed our first 3D prototype. 
Unfortunately, the prototype needs some adjustments. Some of the parts, like for example, Tomie's skirt was too thin and some of the connections were not perfect. Saying this. we already sent to our 3D artist the corrections that need to be made and we should be able to print another prototype without the issues that we've found. Once that's out of the way, we can start the painting process.

We just want to make sure that you get the best statue possible for Tomie. Our commitment is to deliver a high-quality product that Junji Ito fans deserve. 

Nevertheless, it's looking amazing! It's promising stuff and we can't wait to show you the piece as soon as possible!

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Animegami Shinigami - Update #10

Animegami Shinigami - Update #10
This is it, we finally got there... this is the final model and texture for the first physical prototype that we're going to be making in the factory. We could not be more excited! Continue reading →

Animegami Shinigami - Update #9

Animegami Shinigami - Update #9
Texturising the rest of the statue was the aim of this new iteration. We're now incredibly close to having the final 3D model and texture to send to the factory. Continue reading →