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2020 - A Year in Review

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2020 - A Year in Review

This year, as with almost the rest of the world, has been challenging on so many levels, however, at the same time, it has been the biggest year for our company, both in terms of maturity and growth.
I would like to share with you our biggest accomplishments and challenges of 2020 in our Year in Review.

We launched our first products around May and the reception was much higher and better than we expected. The Monster Hunter line of products is off to an amazing success and adoption. At the same time though we faced our first real effects from Covid, not directly with us, but with the companies that we work with and which our products depend on to move forward on development or production itself. We learned a lot and we are much better prepared to face adversities in the future. Thank you Capcom for the incredible support!

We hoped to launch our first resin statues this year as well for Junji Itō Collection and Cannon Busters, but that was not possible for the same reasons above. We are hopeful that we will hit that mark in January 2021.

We unveiled our Terraria prototype to an incredible reception. This is the most challenging product we've worked to date and one of the most exciting. We cannot wait to show you how it looks in person.

Our online store Animegami Store saw its biggest growth in a year of adversity where we doubled (that's 2x!) our revenue! For 2021 we are preparing expansion to the European market directly with country specific stores, starting with France.

Our team grew substantially to over 10 employees and contractors, some of them in different parts of the world. It's a blessing to work with such highly motivated and ambitious people. We also grew in maturity here by opening a company in Portugal to directly employ our staff in order to better serve them and benefit them for their hard work.

All in all, this has been one of the most exciting, rewarding and bittersweet years in memory for us. We faced all challenges head on and we persevered thanks to our families and friends, but above all, thanks to our customers and fans that invested and continue to invest so much in us - THANK YOU!

The whole Animegami Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2021!

José Airosa - CEO & Founder

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