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What is Kushala Daora?

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What is Kushala Daora?

What is Kushala Daora?

Kushala Daorais an Elder Dragon found within the Monster Hunter universe and found living within the Ancient Forest or the Elder Recess. This Dragon is known for its metallic skin, backward curved horns on either side of its head and areas of red throughout its body from possible rusting. If the skin is covered with red, it has not shed its skin recently and can become what is known as a Rusted Kushala Daora. Spikes line its back and tail. The Tempest of Wind is a formidable force known to have visible gales circling at all times. Kushala is one of the more passive Elder Dragons and will not attack unless provoked. Kushala Daora can usually be found drinking water or eating ore from areas around the Ancient Forest but is commonly found in area 5. Otherwise, you can findit roaming the ruins within the Elder Recess


Kushala Daora can manipulate and bend strong winds to create defence and offence against all who may trigger them. Kushala Daora's primary attack is the wind barrier, so powerful it can render a hunter vulnerable to more attacks. Along with this comes a charged wind blast that can disrupt the surrounding areas, from foliage to stalactites. Be wary as these could hinder your ability to move freely around.

Elder Recess

The Elder Recess is a volcanic environment found within Monster Hunter. An atmosphere covered in crystallized bioenergy from Elder Dragons. The area, divided into higher and lower regions, features lava, magma and blackened rocks. Whilst the higher areas include crystals and basalt like rocks. Kushala Daora will spawn in area 3 but roams through adjacent open regions. Kushala Daora is one of the largest Elder Dragons but has competition to get to the top of the pecking order. The Apex Predator of the Elder Recess is the Brachydios, a brute wyvern with the ability to crush all and stampede any being within close vicinity.


Kushala Daora will drop items when conquered, items needed to craft weapons, equipment and armour. Weapons such as the Icesteel hammer, Daoras Casca and Daora's Entom can all be crafted with Daora's claws, webbing and tail. Some of the more basic drops from Kushala Daora. However, some of the scarcer drops from Kushala Daora can give you a chance to craft higher level items, a chance to have greater damage ordefensive items. If you can farm Kushala Daora enough, you might have the opportunity to craft the Kushala Alpha+ Armour. A master rank set of armour, only for the most experienced of hunters. Significant risk always comes with great rewards.

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